CISSP – Glossary Terms W and X

CISSP LogoThis is my personal glossary about my preparation for obtain CISSP Certification and understand all Security keywords.  Here all keywords  beginning by letters W and X.




WAN: Wide Area Network.

War dialing: A brute-force attack that uses a program to automatically dial a large block of phone numbers (such as an area code), searching for vulnerable modem or fax machines.

War Driving: a brute-force attack that involves driving around, looking for vulnerable wireless networks.

Warm site: An alternative computer facility that’s already available and equipped with electrical poser, HVAC, and computers, but not fully configured.

white-box testing: A security test in which the tester has complete knowledge of the system being tested.

WIFI (wireless fidelity): Wireless network technology that utilize 802.11 protocols.

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP): A means of encrypting communications; specially, 802.11/WiFi networks.

Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS): A protocol that provides security services for the wireless application protocol (WAP) commonly used for Internet connectivity by mobile devices.

WLAN: Wireless Local Area network

Work factor: The difficulty (in term of time, effort, and ressources) of breaking a cryptosystem.

X.25: The first wide-area, packet-switching network. Today the X.25 network has down in France. IT’s possible to use X.25 over IP.