CISSP – Glossary Term H

CISSP LogoThis is my personal glossary about my preparation for obtain CISSP Certification and understand all Security keywords.  Here all keywords  beginning by letter H.


Hardware: The physical components in a computer system.

Hardware Segmentation: The practice of isolating functions by placing them separate hardware platforms.

Hash function: A mathematical function that creates a unique representation of a larger set of data (such as a digest). Hash functions are often used in cryptographic algorithm and to produce checksums and message digests.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA): A federal Act that addresses security and privacy requirements for medical systems and information.

Hearsay evidence: Evidence that isn’t based on the witness’s personal. Firsthand knowledge, but was instead obtained through other sources.

Hearsay rule: Under the Federal Rules of Evidence, hearsay evidence is normally not admissible in court.

Heterogeneous Environment: A system environment  that consists of variety of type of systems.

Hidden code: An attack in which secret (and usually malicious) computer code is embedded within another program.

High Speed Serial Interface: A point-to-point WAN connection protocol.

Honeypot: A decoy system deployed by a security administrator to discover the attack methods of potential hackers.

Hot site: A fully configured alternative computer facility that has electrical power, HVAC, and functioning file/print Servers and workstations.

Hub: A network device used to connect several LAN devices together. Also know as an concentrator (legacy).

HVAC: Heating, Ventilation, and air conditioning.